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DIY Hanging Spice Rack

How many of you have that little, hard to reach spice cabinet over top of your stove 🖐 ? You know that one that you can’t actually reach anything in without getting out the step stool or standing as high on your tippy toes as you can get and streeeetchinngg over the boiling pot of spaghetti 🍝 sauce? And if you’re anything like me, that little cabinet is so jammed full of spices that it’s like taking your life in you hands every time you open it 🤦‍♀️. How many times have you had been stretching for that jar that’s just out of your reach and another jar falls out and right into that pot of boiling spaghetti sauce, splashing sauce everywhere and making a HUGE mess?

Well today I have a diy that’s going to put a stop to your spice cabinet woes and add a little spice organization. This project is not only beautiful and functional, but is also fully customizable for your space and decor style. I used some wood I had left over from another project but you can easily find all the supplies you need at hardware stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.

My spice rack ended up being 23“ wide by 25” high. If this is too big or small for your needs you will need to adjust the measurements below accordingly.

Supplies needed:

• large piece of wood for the back. Mine was 21.5” wide by 23.75“ high By .75” thick

• 2 boards for the sides. Mine were 23.75” high by 4.75” wide by .75” thick

• Boards for the top and bottom. Mine were 23” high by 4.75” wide by .75” thick

• Shelf Boards. The number and size will depend on the dimensions of your back, side and top pieces. I needed 3 boards cut to 21.5” long by 4” wide by .75” thick

• nails or screws for attaching boards together

• Saw to cut wood (If you don’t have access to a saw, most local hardware stores can cut the wood to your specified sizes as long as you’re purchasing the wood from them.)



• Wood rails to keep spices from falling off. The number and size will depend on how many shelves you decide for your spice rack. My rails were 21.5“ long by .75” wide by .75” thick

• Desired stain or paint.


1. Start making the shell of the rack. 1st put the back piece together with the one of the side pieces. I used 3 - 1 1/2“ nails to start. Placing nails towards either end and one in the middle. I than added 2 more nails to placing them at the halfway points between the middle and end nails On each half. Repeat this same process for the other side.

2. Continue making the shell of the rack by repeating the above process with the top and bottom boards. puting the boards together in this order will help to make a smooth seam across the top and bottom.

3. At this point I recommend staining or painting the inside of your rack as desired (You can wait to stain/paint the inside until the rack is complete). If you wait to pain the inside until the shelves are in, it becomes harder to get into the crevices (I found this out the hard way 🤦‍♀️). I wanted a rich chocolate color with a bit of a rustic look so I 1st used the weathered gray stain from Varathane. I painted it on with a brush and than used a rag to wipe a lot of it off. once this dried. I repeated this process with the Red Mahogany stain also from Varathane. You can also stain/paint the shelves and rails at this time.

4. Assemble the shelves. The configuration can be customized to your needs. I left a wider gap between the bottom of the rack and my 1st shelf for some of my taller spice jars and extracts. I than used a spice jar to measure the needed width for between each shelf. Make sure to give yourself a little extra room between each shelf so you will be able to place the spices on the shelf once the rail is in place. I nailed each shelf with 3 - 1 1/2 “ nails on each side (so a total of 6 nails per shelf). Nail 1st one side and than use your level to make sure that the shelf is level before attaching the 2nd side of the shelf.

5. Add your rails if using. I added these rails approximately an inch above each shelf using a 1 inch finishing nail through each side.

6. Stain or paint the outside of your cabinet.


Depending on th height, width and thickness of the materials used, your rack may be pretty heavy so make sure to place screws into the studs as possible. If studs are not an option make sure to use drywall butterflies to keep the shelf from falling. I used 6 - 3 inch screws to hang my rack. I added 3 screws to the top and 3 to the bottom.

I can’t wait to see your beautiful spice racks! Make sure to tag us on Instagram @sugarstreetcreations


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