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How to Make Instant Pot Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the US's most popular fermented foods. With this simple and delicious recipe you too can learn how to make instant pot yogurt!

High in protein, vitamins and teaming with healthy probiotics, yogurt is an awesome choice of healthy and delicious foods. When eaten regularly, the probiotics in yogurt can help to regulate the natural balance of good bacteria in your intestines and gut. Many studies have also found links between yogurt consumption and lower risk of high blood pressure as well as lowering the risk of osteoporosis.

If you've been to the grocery store lately, you may have noticed that when it comes to yogurt, there is a humongous array of options to choose from. So with all of these options, you may be asking, why should I bother to make my own? It basically comes down to the fact that store bought yogurt is just not as healthy for you as homemade. There are multiple reasons why, but here are a couple of the more common.

1. The addition of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners out weigh the health benefits of the yogurt.

2. The fermentation process for most common commercial bought yogurts is extremely short (even as short as 1 or 2 hours). This decreases the amount of good bacteria available in the yogurt to a minuscule amount.

Ultimately, as in with so many other things, homemade is best. So let's get started!

What you'll need:

•Instant Pot or Pressure cooker

•Cooking thermometer that goes up to at least 180°F and down to at least 110°F

•1 gallon of milk (whole milk will result in the creamiest result, but you can use 2% or 1% if a lower fat content is desired. Try to find high quality milk. Grass fed is best.)

• 1/4 yogurt MUST have live cultures (for your 1st batch, store bought can be used. Look for organic Greek yogurt WITH live . After the 1st batch you can reserve a 1/4 cup from your previous batch. Powdered cultures can also be purchased online or from some health foods stores)

• Natural vanilla (optional)


1. Take sealing rubber ring off the top of the lid. You do not need it for this process anand it can give the yogurt a funny aftertaste. (Nobody wants chicken flavored yogurt 😉)

2. Pour milk into instant pot or pressure cooker and set to stew or cook.

3. Attach the thermometer and let the milk heat to 180°F (stir frequently to keep milk from burning).

4. Once the milk reaches 180°F unplug pot and let temperature come back down to 110°F. It is very important you wait to add the yogurt until it reaches 110°F. If you add it too early it will kill the live cultures in the starter yogurt. (Stir milk periodically to help cool faster)

5. Once milk reaches 110°F add in starter yogurt and stir well. Place the lid on pot and wrap the whole pot in a large towel. (This will help keep the temperature in the pot during incubation.) You will allow the yogurt to incubate for 8 hours.

6. After 8 hours you can remove the inner pot from instant pot if using or for a pressure cooker you can transfer the yogurt to a large bowl. Place covered pot/bowl in the refrigerator for at least another 4 hours (I usually leave overnight)

7. At this point you can stop here and begin to eat your yogurt or if the yogurt is a little thin you can strain it. In a colander place a clean tea towel. Pour the yogurt into the colander. I usually place my colander over another pot and let drain for around 30 minutes. The longer you drain, the thicker the yogurt will become.

8. When complete. Dump the yogurt back in the the pot and add vanilla if desired. The amount depends on your personal taste.

That's all there is to it. So simple and delicious you will never want to eat store bought yogurt again!


•Homemade yogurt will be more sour than store bought since it doesnt have any added sweeteners. We usually add some bananas or local honey when serving to sweeten it.

• 1 gallon of milk will produce around 96 oz of yogurt.

•Yogurt will last 2-3 weeks in your refrigerator if stored in sealed containers (I use Mason jars with a screw tip lid.)

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