I want to introduce you to Minnie (named

Sourdough Starter


This versatile starter (Ours is named Ms. Minnie) can be used for multiple baking applications. Not only is sourdough amazingly yummy, it's also healthier for you than regular bread whether store bought or homemade using typical store bought yeast.

Read more about the benefits of a Sourdough Starter on our Blog here . In the meantime lets get started on making your own Ms Minnie.


Unbleached flour


(yes, it's really this easy)

Day 1. In a glass or plastic container (do not use metal containers or spoons as the metal can react with the fermentation process) add 1 cup of unbleached flour and 1/2 cup of water. Using a wooden or plastic spoon to vigorously stir together. You should not see any dry flour. Once done. Set aside and cover with a clean tea towel. DO NOT cover with the container lid. You need the natural bacteria to assist the fermentation process. The starter will start to get bubbles and will double in size.

Day 2. Throw away half of the mixture and than repeat the same steps as the 1st day.

Days 3 and 4. Continue step 2.


Days 5 and 6 you will follow the same steps as in Day 2 but you will be "feeding" the starter twice daily (every 8 hours) rather than 1 every 24 hours.

By day 7 you will have a mature starter that is ready to be used in your baked goods.



-At this point if you're not ready to use the starter, but the lid on the container and put it into the refrigerator.

-The starter needs to be feed at least once a week to survive.

-On the weekly feedings you do not need to throw away half but you may need to adjust the amount of flour and water depending on how much starter is in the container. There is really no scientific method to this. For my container I use 1 1/2 cups flour with 1 cup of water. If you have a larger container you will add more. For a smaller, use less.

Happy Baking!


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